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Fontis Technologies LLC is the exclusive licensor for NV NanoSIM and NV NanoLiquid in the US and Mexico.


Fontis Technologies LLC is the exclusive licensor of 

ECOTEN urban comfort in North America. ECOTEN

facilitates the adaption of cities towards Climate Change and COVID-19. ECOTEN's Vulnerability Map can be used

to highlight areas where people are most vulnerable to

heat, and it can information government's plans to protect people's health more efficiently. 

Fontis Technologies LLC is a Women's Owned Company,

based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


T  E  A  M





Lisa Fish

Founder, Managing Partner

Lisa has worked in banking, general aviation 

isa began her career at American Bank, a privately-owned bank in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. In Phoenix, Arizona, she held a position as Flight Operations Supervisor with Cutter Aviation organizing on-demand flights transporting organ and tissue for Donor Network of Arizona. Relocating to Las Vegas, Lisa worked for a division of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. After leaving Seagram she moved to Florida where she worked for the merger and acquisition firm Brockway Moran & Partners, formed in 1998 with a $200 million fund. Lisa later moved to Singapore. While there she volunteered at the American Women’s Association as the Computer Chairperson, recruiting, training and providing IT

support to 12 additional committees. When Lisa moved back to Florida, she became a Realtor working in residential real estate. She relocated to Las Vegas and continues to holds a Nevada Real Estate License. 


Lisa has been traveling to China since 2013 and is currently Partner and Executive Director for the China-US Club and Executive Administrator and Partner in GreenCert LLC. She started Fontis Technologies 

Janet's combined experience in the private and public sectors gives her a unique skillset. As an entrepreneur, she brings business acumen to her ventures. As a planner

she incorporates her experience and understanding of the relationship of place and

environment and how important it is to living in a community.

As __________________, Janet utilizes her entrepreneurial and planning experience to advance product development and sales, to develop strategic partnerships and integrate business lines. 

A D V I S O R Y 

Ted Venners

Jack Shi

Nicole Xue

Stan Kolar 

Jiri Tencar




Zach Stavinsky

Operations Manager

Rick Grant

Field Operations Manager


Janet Corniel


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