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NV NanoSIM can absorb over 60% moisture of its dry weight, including the salt water of 0.9% concentration. When applied in soil, NV NanoSIM can form granule structures in the sand grain within soil through its absorbing features, further enhancing the water retention and fertility of soil.  If applied annually, NV NanoSIM can continuously improve soil for its water retention and fertility features. 

NV NanoLiquid is commonly used within drip irrigation systems. If seeds are pre-treated with NV NanoLiquid before planting, they will have better capabilities to capture moisture and halt its evaporation in soil. The proprietary nutritional liquid improves germination rates, root growth, absorbing area of roots, accelerates nutrition absorption in crops, and prevents premature aging in plants. Spraying on foliage will also enhance growth and promotes healthy plants. 

When NV NanoSIM and NV NanoLiquid are used synergistically they showcase unique water saving benefits along with sustainably improving soil quality. These products are a solution in combating against the harsh effects of climate change in agriculture today.

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