NV NanoSIM can absorb over 60% moisture of its dry weight, including the salt water of 0.9% concentration. When applied in soil,

NV NanoSIM can form granule structures with the sand grain in soil through its absorbing features, further enhancing the water retention and fertility of soil. 

NV NanoSIM decomposes organic matters quickly. It works to improve water retention and fertility of soil. If applied annually, NV NanoSIM can continuously improve soil for its water retention and fertility features. 

If seeds are pre treated with NV NanoLiquid (Nutritional Liquid)

before planting, the seeds will have better capabilities to capture moistures and halt its evaporation in soil, thus making the roots stronger. If NV NanoLiquid, is spread on leaves of plants, it can help reduce water evaporation. 

NV NanoSIM enhances the internal water usage efficiency of plants, so the output is increased and the water usage percentage is reduced for every unit of output. 

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