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Fontis Technologies LLC is the exclusive licensor for NV NanoSIM and NV NanoLiquid in the US and Mexico.

Fontis Technologies LLC is a Women's Owned Company,

based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Fontis Technologies LLC is the exclusive licensor of ECOTEN urban comfort in North America. ECOTEN facilitates the adaption of cities towards Climate Change and COVID-19. ECOTEN's Vulnerability Map can be used to highlight areas where people are most vulnerable to heat, and it can information government's plans to protect people's health more efficiently. 

T    E    A    M

Lisa Fish


Janet Corniel

Managing Director


GuanYu Chen

Business Development 

Rick Grant

Field Operations Manager


A D V I S O R Y 

Ted Venners, Las Vegas

Jack Shi, Beijing

Nicole Xue, Montreal

Stan Kolar, Prague

Jiri Tencar, Prague